Living well with Lisa Palmer

This month is all about the power of being a women.

March celebrates International Women’s Day, celebrating women that inspire other women and women who create a community to support one another.

It is always so wonderful to be surrounded by a community of powerfully inspired women, especially in the world of health and fitness.

I met Lisa many years ago when I moved back to South Africa and it was so great to see an internationally accredited and internationally moving studio.

The one thing besides her natural talent of teaching and knowledge was her warmth and absolute love for life, her furry animals and her daughter Jess.  Her new studio in Sea Point, Cape Town is her new project and I can’t wait to get there and visit.

Lisa is the founder of The Movement Lab and was the first STOTT PILATES instructor trainer and  licensed training centre in South Africa.  She has been an integral part of the Merrithew Health & Fitness team since 2004 and has travelled abroad and studied extensively in Toronto, London and Spain to share her knowledge with the South African market.

Here is what Living Well means to her……

Living well means……..

Being happy and healthy and to have special people in our lives to share that with.

I can’t start my morning without……

Cuddles with my family (human & furry) and then my coffee

What brings you the most joy?

My daughter, Jess; my animals, my friends, my business, good food (and wine), swimming in the sea, lying on the beach with a great book and travelling to unique places.

Current mantra that I live by……..

Treat everyone the same, with love & kindness, and always remembering that we are all going through our own individual journeys that may involve pain. So tread lightly and with care.

I stay inspired by always………

Challenging myself and my boundaries, to think “out the box”.  My daughter Jess has been a huge source of inspiration in so many ways.

I fell in love with fitness……..

Because of the way it makes me feel, movement makes me happy and positive.  It keeps me strong mentally and physically.  I also want to be mobile and have the freedom to move freely and pain free for as long as possible.

My favourite pilates move (at the moment)…..

I am loving the 30cm stability ball and the gentle movements that encourage mobilisation of the spine and hips (specifically the fascial release movements that ZEN*GA facilitates)

Wellness spots I love in Cape Town………

There is a Thai massage place next door to our studio in Sea Point that I love for a quick de-stress stretch, the wellness retreat at Babylonstoren is on my bucket list for when I had the time to recharge and relax.

My current favourite exercise wear……..

Nulu and Fit Clothing, both local brands make use of incredible fabrics and the fit is perfect.

What advice would you give any young business owner?

Believe in yourself, if you have something good to offer it will work.  Don’t be afraid to make changes in your life.  You can make anything happen, be passionate about your work and hard work pays off.

This article was written by Donah Rosser and originally  appeared here

Train With the Best in Pilates at The Movement Lab

The Movement Lab is a fitting name for the impressive looking Pilates studio situated in the heart of Seapoint.

You only have to walk into the studio to think that some sort of ‘lab work’ must take place there with a long list of equipment including seven reformers, two cadillacs, three stability chairs, two ladder barrels, four spine correctors, ballet barres and every prop imaginable! And Lisa Palmer, owner and founder, is in the science of healthy movement and as the most qualified Instructor Trainer on the African continent; you are bound to receive incredible instruction and training when attending one her classes.

Whether you swear-by your core-burn that you get from your Pilates classes or happen to think that Pilates is just not for you; trying one of the many classes on offer, is well worth it and you may just be surprised at how the creative blend of the power of your mind with the movement of your body makes for an efficient, enjoyable, powerhouse class that is bound to work not just your abs but your entire body as well!

“…you may just be surprised at how the creative blend of the power of your mind with the movement of your body makes for an efficient, enjoyable, powerhouse class that is bound to work not just your abs but your entire body as well!”

What is one of your most popular classes?

Group Reformer and Total Barre Amplified; both done to some great playlists!

What is a ‘signature’ class or move at The Movement Lab?

A fun and unique class are the Group Reformer ‘Jumpboard’ – we have Jumpboard trampolines and regular ‘jumpboards’ which add a fun dimension to the class which incorporates cardio and an intense ab workout!

What is the difference between Group Mat and Group Reformer classes?

Mat classes are mat based and often utilises various props (and we have many!) to really kick it up a notch and get the abs firing!

Reformer classes are equipment based and use springs for resistance, great for toning and making the body lean. The Reformer works the periphery well (arms and legs) and is an incredible piece of equipment (all imported from Canada) which allows us to work the entire body in all planes of motion with one machine!

What class do you think a FitKey member ‘must-try’ first?

I would say it is best to try them all and decide for yourself, one of my favourites is the Saturday 9am Total Barre Amplified class; it is a strong, dynamic and powerful class done to great music!

What advice would you give to someone that has never done Pilates before and would like to try it out?

Try starting with the Mat classes first; to get the core strong, before moving onto the equipment based classes.

What are some of your ‘guilty-pleasure’ foods?

I have a healthy relationship with food so I don’t really feel guilty as I am generally a healthy eater but I do LOVE pasta and gnocchi!

What don’t people know about you?

I am an animal lover and have 2 cats named Sally and Felix aka Fifi!

Share with us something quirky or fun about what goes on at your studio?

Sometimes clients bring their dogs to the studio so they can ‘hang out’ and we have put my great Grandmothers beautiful vintage fruit bowl outside and filled it with water for the birds to drink and bathe in.


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