The Movement Lab doesn’t only offer classes, we also offer STOTT PILATES certification courses. All of our instructors are qualified in the most highly recognised international exercise brands with extensive experience, both locally and abroad.

We are redefining what people think about Pilates. Our classes are vibey, music-driven and dynamic. We specialise in challenging classes. Each class is completely different from the next, ensuring your body never gets used to the movements and you’re constantly taken out of your comfort zone.

You can download the free MindBody app from the App store and search “The Movement Lab”. Our schedule will appear and you can book through there. You can also book on our website on the “schedule” page. Alternatively, you can email or call us and we will assist you in finding a suitable class. You can book a class at our studio without having credit on your account. You can pay for a drop-in session/ buy a package of classes upon arrival at the studio.

Wear anything that you would feel comfortable moving in.

Equipment classes: socks are compulsory for hygiene purposes.

Barre: our barre classes are done barefoot. Please bring a towel to cover your mat.

Please bring a towel that covers your mat to all Mat and Barre classes. Socks are compulsory for Reformer classes.

We accept cash, card and SnapScan at the studio

Our classes have limited spaces and so it is advisable that you book in advance. If not, we cannot guarantee you a space in your class of choice.

If it’s your first time at our studio, we advise arriving 10 minutes prior to class commencement to familiarise yourself with our amenities and equipment. After that, you can arrive 5 minutes beforehand.

Please note, if you are late to class your slot may be given to a waitlisted/ standby client.

STOTT PILATES is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by Joseph Pilates. Co-founders Lindsay G. Merrithew and Moira Merrithew, along with a team of physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, have spent three decades refining the STOTT PILATES method of exercise and equipment. This resulted in the inclusion of modern principles of exercise science, fascial fitness and spinal rehabilitation, making it one of the safest and most effective methods available. This clear and detailed approach forms the basis for STOTT PILATES training and Certification programs. STOTT PILATES is used by rehab, post-rehab and prenatal clients, athletes, celebrities and everyone in between.

STOTT PILATES exercises help both men and women of all ages develop optimal strength, flexibility, endurance and posture, without building bulk or stressing joints. The perfect complement to cardiovascular exercise, athletic training or rehabilitation, STOTT PILATES can help you tone your body, feel revitalized, and move with ease.

STOTT PILATES incorporates modern exercise principles, including contemporary thinking on spinal rehabilitation, fascial integration, muscle conditioning and athletic performance enhancement. For example, some approaches may promote a flat back, whereas STOTT PILATES exercises are designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints. There is a strong emphasis on scapular stabilization, lumbo-pelvic placement and postural alignment, and optimal muscle activation. The repertoire of Matwork and equipment-based exercises contains a full range of preparations and modifications that caters to many different body types and abilities. The STOTT PILATES method focuses on functional fitness, making it applicable to everyday life.

  • Builds core strength and stability
  • Improves posture and alignment
  • Increases flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Improves muscular balance and strength
  • Increases muscular endurance and tone
  • Prevents injury and heightens body awareness
  • Enhances athletic performance • Relieves stress and back pain

Although you should always consult your physician before starting any fitness routine, a Pilates workout is gentle and controlled with a focus on core strength and stability. It is also important, however, that you work with a qualified Instructor to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly and avoiding movements that may not be recommended for your condition. An experienced Instructor is able to modify the exercises to accommodate your limitations, continually challenge you within your ability, and monitor your improvements. Progress may be slow, but a consistent workout schedule with appropriately chosen exercises with attention and focus will ensure you see results.

  • STOTT PILATES is three-dimensional, meaning exercises are performed in all movement planes.
  • Spring resistance on specially-designed equipment more closely resembles muscular contraction
  • Emphasis is on concentric and eccentric contraction for injury prevention
  • STOTT PILATES exercise is customizable for special needs
  • Emphasis is placed on rebalancing muscles around the joints, correcting over-training and muscle imbalances that lead to injury
  • STOTT PILATES emphasizes improving strength and flexibility for more efficient movement patterns
  • STOTT PILATES exercise leads to an improvement in posture and body awareness
  • Weight training and STOTT PILATES can be combined in a fitness program and are a great complement to each other

In some respects Pilates is like yoga. Both are considered mind-body methods of movement; both emphasize deep breathing and smooth movements that encourage the mind-body connection. The difference is that while yoga requires moving from one static posture to the next, Pilates flows through a series of movements that are more dynamic, systematic and anatomically-based often incorporating resistance equipment. The goal with STOTT PILATES exercise is to strengthen the postural muscles while achieving optimal functional fitness.