Lisa has been an integral part of the Merrithew Health and Fitness team since 2004 and is a Lead Instructor Trainer in Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair, Barrels, Injuries, Special Populations, Zenga® and Total Barre™. She is the most highly qualified Instructor Trainer on the African continent and this is evident in the classes that she teaches. Each class is unique and modified to suit every client. Her vast repertoire and extensive knowledge ensure that you will never grow tired of her classes.

She travels abroad every year to expand her training, doing new courses and workshops to share these fresh ideas with the South African market. She has studied extensively in Toronto, London and Toledo. Lisa is always at the forefront of health and movement. She has taught multiple courses in South Korea, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Zambia and all over South Africa. She is passionate about anatomy, fascial release and enhancing the lives of her clients and students.

When Lisa started her first studio, there were no STOTT PILATES® Licensed Training Centres in Africa and she saw a gap in the market. Lisa found there was a booming demand for STOTT PILATES®, and decided to pursue the ideal of becoming an Instructor Trainer, and later, the first STOTT PILATES® Licensed Training Centre on the continent; this came to fruition in 2007, and set The Movement Lab in Port Elizabeth apart as a studio that not only offered Pilates to clients, but also offered STOTT PILATES® certification courses. Lisa has now expanded The Movement Lab’s brand by opening her second studio in Cape Town.


Dominique is a Pilates teacher passionate about movement and wellbeing. With a background in professional athletics and a particular interest for anatomy and rehabilitation, she has been practicing Pilates for the past 15 years discovering the benefits of functional movement.

She has trained and worked in the UK, Europe and America gaining invaluable knowledge on biomechanics, anatomy, muscular and fascial releases, kinetics and conditioning as well as antenatal pilates, currently training as a Doula. Dominique is also a teacher trainer and workshop presenter, teaching on retreats and at studios here in Cape Town and abroad, bringing her passion for movement & travel together.

In her spare time she can be found walking the promenade or climbing a mountain. She is also passionate about yoga and meditation bringing those elements into her teaching to encourage mindfulness and breath to be at the centre of everything.


Coming from a background in dance and fitness, Pilates seemed such a natural transition to the next phase of Kirstin’s working life. After qualifying and working as a personal trainer she studied Remedial Pilates in 2006 under the instruction of guru Micheal King at the Pilates Institute in London. She has also furthered her Pilates career by completing STOTT PILATES courses at The Movement Lab under Lead Instructor Trainer, Lisa Palmer.

Between personal training at a prestigious London health club and home based pilates sessions, Kirstin then went on to join a dedicated pilates Reformer studio in London. It was there that she really developed her passion and love for the Reformer and especially Dynamic Reformer classes. With her background in dance, she enjoys experimenting with choreography. Every one of Kirstin’s classes are unique and challenging.


Jessica has been doing pilates for the past 6 years. As Lisa (The Movement Lab founder and owner)’s daughter, she has been exposed to it her whole life. She is passionate about human movement and is inspired by her mother’s work. She is a Mat, Barre and Reformer instructor. Her barre routines change weekly, choreographed to upbeat playlists that are guaranteed to get everyone’s heart rate pumping! Her background in dance and synchronised swimming is evident in her creative classes.

Jessica is also a finance and accounting student at the University of Cape Town and is passionate about politics and economics.


Carmen is a professional dancer and theatrical performer. She is trained in the internationally acclaimed Swissbody® method of Pilates and will be pursuing her STOTT PILATES qualification with Lisa Palmer at The Movement Lab. Having firsthand experience of the powerful benefits of Pilates, it was love at first spine curl for Carmen. Her approach toward teaching is for each individual to move as efficiently as they can with focus, precision and correct alignment.

Carmen’s passion for human movement shines through in every class that she teaches. Be prepared to be challenged and try creative new exercises & variations in her classes!


Niloo’s interest in fitness started during her student life in London when she was studying Optometry. She joined a gym for her wellness and experienced various styles of exercise. She was soon fascinated by Pilates as it proved to be the one in harmony with body’s natural movements.
What started as a hobby soon turned into a passion and then into a career as she decided to kiss good bye her Optometry profession and join the fitness and wellbeing world

She became a certified pilates instructor in Dubai and London where she taught classes and workshops. A believer of “learning should never end” Niloo trained and certified with two schools, STOTT PILATES and Peak. To enhance her knowledge of human body she also completed Neuropilates, Injuries & Special Population, Body Balance, Swing Yoga, Reiki level 3, and Muscle Activation Therapy (MAT).
Niloo describes her classes as effective and enjoyable for novices and athletes alike with particular attention to those with injuries. Her aim is to promote the importance of controlled movements and good postural alignment. At the Movement Lab, she is a Mat, Reformer, and Barre instructor.


DC loves everything fitness and wellness related. She originally joined The Movement Lab as a client and quickly fell in love with the STOTT PILATES method. She went on to complete her STOTT PILATES Mat and Reformer courses with Lisa Palmer. DC is also a qualified Yoga instructor and enjoys fusing the principles of Pilates and Yoga together in her classes, resulting in a mindful and anatomical approach. After discovering Pilates as a means to cure her own back issues, she has absolutely fallen in love with the precision and incredible functionality of Pilates. It is her passion to help people gain physical as well as mental strength through mindful movement and body awareness